Red Wing Heritage Moc 6″ Boot Review

By tim / March 5, 2017
Red Wing Heritage Moc 6″ Boot

The Red Wing is popular for its rugged but stylish boots that are better suited for everyday casual use. The foundation of the boot sports a crepe wedge that makes it highly durable. The high-quality boot has treaded outsole that is thick and long lasting. Also, the waterproof upper leather protects it from damp conditions.

The strength of the boot is enhanced by the welt construction structured around in Norwegian style, making it one of the leading and reliable casual boots from Red Wing. Manufactured in the United States, the boot is available in different colours and based on the colour, the type of leather varies.

Our Rating: 4.4 stars of 5

  • Traction tread rubber outsole improves the grip of the boot
  • Extended break in periods, build to last
  • Available in a wide range of colours for you to choose from
  • Classic and super stylish by looks
  • Different leathers are used for different colours, affecting the quality of the boot
  • The boot is a bit pricey when it comes to other boots that offer the same features
  • The boot is heavy and can be little uncomfortable during long walks
  • Insoles does not provide enough cushion

Key features

The Mac-Toe boot is manufactured by the use of leather and has a synthetic sole that provides enough comfort for daily use.

The Goodyear welt construction provides the boot with durability, and the triple stitch quality is of such good quality that the reliability rating of the boot grows multifold.

Even though the boot has a rugged look, it is designed in such a way that it looks stylish too - perfect to be used as a casual wear.

The water resistant property comes in handy, and the traction tread outsole enhances the life of the boot.

What is Red Wing Heritage Moc 6" Boot?

The Heritage Moc boot is known to be one of the classic boots from the Red Wing collection. Manufactured by the use of leather, it is available in a wide variety of colours so that you never run out of options. The sleekly designed boot is rugged by looks but can be a good choice to make a statement due to its reliability for being a good casual footwear. The water resistant design makes it ideal for conditions that require you to be in contact with moisture. The mac-toe is a feature that adds to the beauty of the boot and gives the wearer a superior fit. Red Wing can take a lot of abuse due to its sturdy construction and is ideal if you are looking for a boot that is both stylish and reliable.

Purchasing the Heritage Mac-Toe Boot has become a much safer thing to do because of the thirty-day return policy offered by Amazon. In case you are not satisfied with the boots, it can be exchanged or return to Amazon within thirty days of purchase with the dated bill, and you can get the full refund.

Detailed review of Red Wing Heritage Moc 6" Boot

To get a better idea about one of the best work boots on the market, read the detailed review below.

Build quality and Design (4.5/5)

The Red Wing Heritage Mac-Toe falls under the Heritage collection, which has grown in popularity exponentially among the Red Wing community. The finest feature of the boot is that it is built like a tank, but it does not compromise on the style factor. The heels of the boot measures around one inch and from the arch the shaft are 5.5 inches approximately. The boot opening is around six inches providing enough room for the feet to be comfortable and be able to breathe.

The stitching type used to make the boot is the quality triple stitch that can withstand heavy abuse and still last for a long time. The crepe wedge and the welt construction enhances the quality and strength of the boot.

Ease of use (4/5)

The synthetic sole provides enough cushioning for the comfortable placement of the feet. The heavy set boot can reduce the ease to drag around in case of long walks. The white Traction Tred rubber improves the looks and also the quality of the boot.

Reliability (5/5)

The boot is known for its exceptional break in time. It is known to last for an average of three to five years. The thirty-day return or exchange policy put forth by Amazon is one great feature that allows you to make the purchase without any burden.

Cleaning up (4.5/5)

The water resistant boot does not let the moisture get to the leather, and the dust can be cleaned by the use of a cloth. Cleaning and maintaining the boot can be considered to be a breeze.

Best Suited For?

The product is great for people who are looking for durable boots that are ideal for casual wear. It is the kind of boot which can help you make a style statement at the same time gives enough comfort.

How Do They Compare?

Compared to its competitors, let us see how Red Wing Heritage Moc 6" Boot fairs.

Irish Setter Men's 83605 6" Work Boot - It is a cheaper alternative for the Red Wing, but comparatively having lower quality as well. If the budget does not allow you to go for Red Wing Heritage, this might be a good choice for you to keep in mind.


Golden Fox Men's Premium Leather Soft Toe Light Weight Industrial Construction Moc Work Boots Insulated - Like the Irish Setter, this is one of the cheaper alternatives. It comes for less than half the price of the Red Wing Heritage Boot. But the quality of the boot is something to be thought about before the purchase.


Thorogood Men's 814-4200 American Heritage 6" Moc Toe Boot - It is one of the boots that comes from the same category and price range. It does offer the same features but does not match up to the style quotient provided by Red Wing.


Should I buy Red Wing Heritage Moc 6" Boots?

If you are looking for a boot that does the 2-in-1 trick of being stylish and durable at the same time, the Red Wing Heritage is absolutely the right boot for you.

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