Keen Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot Review

By tim / March 5, 2017
Keen Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

Work Boots have become a must-have piece of attire for everyone nowadays, mainly due to the level of utility & raw machoness they offer. Whether you’re an industry worker or someone who likes to stroll the streets looking all rough, Ken Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots provide a quality choice.

The work boots are steel toed, waterproof and hold a slip-resistant sole while sporting an extremely pleasing design, making them a hands-down choice for professionals & enthusiasts. Surely, there’s two sides to a story, so let’s take a detailed look into the work boots.

  • Nubuck upper leather & fabric build
  • Tough, asymmetric steel toes
  • Waterproof
  • Foot-bed fitted with detachable & doubly thick EVA
  • Interlocking with full length spin plate
  • Thick outer sole
  • Sometimes require a few weeks of break-in periods
  • Only available in a single color

Key Features:

Keen Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

Let’s break down the individual strength and see how it affects the shoe’s overall performance.

  • Vibrant & stylish build design
  • Nubuck upper leather & fabric with flexible hydrophobic/hydrophilic lining sealing the boots to any moisture
  • Breathable membrane resulting in cross-ventilation eliminating the possibility of sweat accumulation
  • 90-degree heel providing a firm platform
  • Asymmetrical steel toes protecting the feet from hazardous weights
  • Keen Key-Tech TPU interlocking torsion plate that guarantees forefoot flexibility & underfoot stability
  • Metatomical foot-bed design preserving the foot’s natural arch
  • Reflective webbings for additional safety
  • Thicker outer sole not only acts as a grip but as an electrical insulator

The only catch with these shoes is the color choice which can put a few people down, considering competing brands like Timberland & CAT always have customizability in store. However, the default design is no less than a marvel and makes the boots perfectly eligible for an urban adventure as much for working in the field.

Keen Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot Review

The Boots will now be gutted and their properties put under the microscope so that the confusion & grey areas can be minimized, and you can easily chose your best work boots!


Built with premium quality leather & fabric, these are work boots that are made for all intents & purposes. Featuring the contemporary chestnut & black, Keen’s Work Boots give an instant rugged appeal, and are hard to ignore.

Keen hasn’t stuck entirely with the chestnut-black color combo and has added yellow accents at various spots. One particular feature that strikes up is the intelligent webbing, which sparks up as soon as light hits the boots from a particular angle, usually at sunset. This adds to the splendor & uniqueness of the boots, making them extremely stylish.


This is one of the most important criteria for people who work long hours in a rugged environment, the Keen’s Work Boots are well-suited for abuse. The boots have an extremely cushioned inner design along with waterproof yet breathable linings that’ll keep your feet dry for as long as you work.

This nifty feature is the result of proprietary technology known as “Keen.Dry” that let’s vapor out without letting the slightest amount of moisture in.

Next, the foot-bed is made out of EVA standard padding, a material which is known to provide cushioning to the feet’s natural arch. Keen has worked very hard on ensuring the highest level of comfort, so to top it all of they’ve designed a 90-degrees heel that allows the feet to set-in real nice.

All in all, you can stroll all day on cement, uneven terrain or on steel-bars, but by the end of the day you still won’t feel a thing.


There are several brands & companies that offer “tough-looking” work boots but only a few can face up to the challenge and guarantee all-round safety. The steel toes are the highlight of these shoes that have an ASTM rating of F2412-11, while at the same time offering electrical shock protection.

It must be noted however that the steel-tips are fitted in such a manner that they will never bug your toes for a single moment.

The outsole is made out of thick rubber, is completely resistant to oil and is studded with an excellent grip style making them wholly slip resistant.

With all these features, Keen seems to have stuck the perfect balance between safety & visual design.


The excellent waterproof technology used within these boots deserves a little bit of detail. The entire purpose of work-boots is ensuring sturdiness in both short & long term. Keen has handled this pretty well by constructing a waterproof Untuck calfskin lining that keeps the slightest amount of moisture from coming in.

Here’s the twist. They’ve added waterproof breathable film to all this making sure the air is allowed to suck in any sweat or moisture that resides within the shoes. This makes the boots perfect for strolling through mud gaps or puddles; your choice really!

Talking about the long-term durability of these boots, the answer lies in the label. The boots are designed for withstanding Pittsburgh’s construction companies, process-control factories and other plants that expose the attire to extreme conditions. The deviated steel toes, elastic toe protection and thick outsoles are enough to guarantee longevity & dexterity.

Best Suited For:

The Boots would be perfect for all outside workers that have to perform extraordinary tasks like climbing, construction, agriculture, electric testing, hardware administration and even for the casual enthusiast who’s in it for the rugged outlook!

How Do They Compare?

Competition #1: Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot

These boots have antimicrobial layers in addition to the default waterproof ones giving them an anti-fungal edge over Pittsburg Work Boots.

Competition #2: Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Waterproof Steel-Toe Boot

Timberland has introduced a new TiTAN alloy safety design for its steel-tips that holds slight advantage over conventional aluminum-alloy steel toes.

Competition #3: Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot

The Boots are rated for extreme weather conditions (-40 degrees F), and are available in a multitude of colors.

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