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My List Of Favourite Home Improvement And DIY Bloggers

By tim / April 24, 2017
Best DIY bloggers

No matter what kind of project I begin, I find that it’s always hard to start it and sometimes even harder to finish it. When taking on the task of a do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement project, it becomes all the more daunting. There are the appropriate tools to consider, all the little pieces of hardware and larger materials to gather, and physical measurements that need to be calculated exactly. Sure, anyone can just Google the technical aspects of building a dresser but it’s hard to carry the plan through when one lacks a greater vision.

I like to look to these DIY bloggers, each with a clear aesthetic of their own, for inspiration. Whether they list the step-by-steps to the complete project or just showcase before and after pictures, they can provide the needed jumpstart to my own handyman projects and yours as well.

In addition, I enjoy learning about professional and amateur DIY-ers and their other fields of work. I feel just as encouraged to find people who aren’t professional designers and woodworkers as I am inspired by those who are. In this list, there are real estate agents, IT consultants, doctors, TV anchors and producers, and much more. Their varied backgrounds bring interesting additions to home improvement.

I hope this list will help you tackle your own projects as well.

Ana White

Based in Alaska, Ana White and her husband are self-made designers and builders. Her webpage features work she’s done by commission and otherwise, with the project plans available for free. The best part is the community she’s fostering in the form of a “Brags” page, where anyone can share their own DIY project.

My Romantic Home

This blog is mostly about the decorating adventures of a creative, single mother Cindy. Despite not being your typical DIY blog, the intermittent posts display a strongly feminine, whimsical vision that can be an inspiration. The pictures of her own fairytale home can transport the viewer like Alice to Wonderland.

Young House Love

The name of their blog coincides with John and Sherry’s New York Time’s Bestseller book by the same name. The site is jam-packed with DIY ideas for home improvement, decorating and crafting, painting, furniture upgrades, and much more. They also included tours for all of their homes, which they have renovated and made over. You can even find some of their designs and hardware in Target and Home Depot.

Pure Style Home

Based in Virginia, Lauren and David Liess started their own interior design company 8 years ago and their blog quickly followed. A portfolio of their work shows a clean, modern, and often rustic-charm aesthetic. Aside from offering interior design services, they also create interesting textiles for order. For those who can’t afford the time or money for a full job, they offer a “Parcel Service” where they send a box with everything you need to DIY a room of your choice.

Michaela Noelle Designs

Michaela’s site is more than just a DIY blog, it’s also a personal journey and lifestyle blog. She offers virtual interior design services along with tutorials for your own DIY needs. She also includes links to purchase items she uses in her personal life, whether that be clothing or home décor.

Grandma’s House DIY

Tarah runs this blog in honor of her deceased grandmothers, who had left her with a farmhouse full of old furniture and possibilities. Now, with years of experience under her work belt, she offers tips and tutorials for anyone with a DIY hunch. The most beautiful thing about her blog is her tribute to her grandmothers through the telling of their stories.


Rob Porcaro’s DIY blog is extremely detailed and technical, which is great for novices and experts alike. He works mainly with wood and creates beautiful masterpieces of his own design. He also offers technical advice that can be used for an array of different projects.

The Geek Pub

Like the name suggests, the site features DIY projects revolving around technology. Mike Murray, the self-proclaimed geek behind the blog, demonstrates the step-by-steps of technical skills like cord cutting to fun projects like arcade building. Not only does he use electronics, he’s also skilled in woodworking and steel working.

Woodworking Nut

Anything that requires wood goes for this blogger, like a phone stand or a Ping-Pong paddle to more practical furniture pieces like shelves and cubbies. Eric Lindberg, the self-taught young man behind this fun and creative blog, is only 18 years old! He showcases project collections by year, tracing back to 2013 when he first started.

The Spiffy Company

Maggie is based in Pittsburgh and her site specializes in interior design. Her site is dedicated to mood boards, walkthroughs of her personal home designs, and service for a full or mini interior design job. She differs from many of the other DIY bloggers in that she has an actual degree in interior design.

This Old House

The website corresponds with a home magazine of the same name and includes tips and how-tos for home, lawn, plumbing, insulation, and much more. Because this page is run by a whole team of pros and not just an individual or a couple, their resources are vast. They even have contests where you can win cash prizes.

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is the powerhouse behind her personal style website. Her site contains her extensive and impressive portfolio, videos of her work for DIY inspiration, her interior design services, and various resources. Her shop contains handpicked pieces that would stun in any home and she even has a fun style quiz for anyone unsure of their personal preferences.

Sweeten Blog

This blog helps connect people who want to renovate with professional contractors, in addition to DIY articles based off of past renovation successes. The service for connecting people is free, but it is only available for those living in the New York or Philadelphia areas.


Based in Houston, Texas, this company and blog was started by Cathy Robinson and later joined by her daughter and friend. Their style can be best described as modern vintage and they take on home renovations and interior design, with a little bit of fashion thrown in on the side. They also offer a cabin for rent, in case you need to spend a few days soaking in the inspiration.

Renovation Angel

Originally began as Green Demolitions, Renovation Angel puts recycling on the map for home interiors. Whole kitchens can be professionally removed and recycled, while the owners can save thousands through tax deductions. Under a separate Green Demolitions website, pre-owned kitchens are resold for a greener, more sustainable earth.

Dominic’s Woodworks

This quirky blog offers interesting DIY ideas for decorations and a few free templates. It’s refreshing to see that Dominic doesn’t take himself too seriously in his videos, often posting failed projects as well as successful ones. He also sells self-designed t-shirts and mugs to support his blog.

Little Big Bell

Based in London, Geraldine Tan is an award-winning design, interior design, and lifestyle blogger. Her blog features not only DIY for home, but also recipes for decadent cakes, and crafty ideas like building and designing a photo book.


With a penchant for plywood, Cassity strives for the 5 R’s in her DIY remodeling blog: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-purpose, and Remodel. A lot of the posts focus on decoration and storage, but the stand out portion of her blog remains with the recipes section. She also encourages community building by featuring works submitted by others.

Habitually Chic

Heather Clawson combines art and fashion with interior design in her stylish blog. Her blog mainly features other creative personalities within the realm of design, presenting a wide variety of aesthetics and setup. That’s all interspersed with fashion snit bits and inspiring architecture and landscapes shots.

Charles & Hudson

Original founder Timothy Dahl and co. have created a truly man’s man blog, with detailed home hacks, technology and tools tips and reviews, car maintenance tricks, feature trucks, and much more. They provide you the figurative and literal head-to-toe of DIY, including work wear and power tool recommendations.

Dans Le Lakehouse

Based in a bungalow by Lake Superior, Tanya’s blog and aesthetic takes on an aquatic twist. Her various DIY projects feature shades of mint and sea, with a focus on crafts and décor. She takes a special interest in refurnishing or reusing older pieces. She also runs an Esty shop with her mother and grandmother.

Bower Power

Katie and Jeremy’s blog is like a collection of Pinterest pages, with collections of photography, fashion, and home décor and projects pages. The range of creative skills is wide and every aspect plays on the other. For example, the photograph subjects and colors are reminiscent of the craft ideas and table settings. They claim appropriately that theirs is a “blog about nothing and everything.”

The Ugly Duckling House

Sarah Fogle journals her adventures in renovating her home in Atlanta, Georgia in this blog. Her total transformation of the house extends from the garage to the backyard and everything in between. She presents the full picture of a DIY blogger’s life by documenting the finer details, including trips to a lumberyard and what she uses to photograph her progress.

AM Dolce Vita

Based in Toronto, Michelle is a globetrotter at heart, a design-addict by nature, and a software sales executive by day. Her blog, an accumulation of all of her hobbies, features her many travels, including food and architectural inspirations, in addition to practical and aesthetically pleasing DIY projects.

View Along the Way

Kelly and her husband are a dynamic duo; she comes up with the ideas while her husband makes them into reality. She works on a smaller budget than a lot of the bigger names in home design and improvement, so her projects are more manageable for the average Joe. Her projects include anything from room makeovers to DIY hardwood floors.

At Charlotte’s House

Charlotte’s 100-year-old home is full of fun prints, pops of color, and unique standout pieces. She details all of her projects including sewing curtains and flea market scores. She also features “home tours,” where she documents other inspirational homes.

The Interior Frugalista

Marie’s motto for her blog is “Repurpose, Refinish, DIY,” which makes it great for everyone upgrading his or her home on a budget. Her finished DIY projects come out catalogue ready and she includes a step-by-step guide for each. She doesn’t take herself too seriously though and includes a Behind the Scenes for certain projects to dispel the myth that DIY projects are always easy and successful.

The Happy Homebodies

Based in Texas, Jordan and her husband Scott bring a positive spin on the word “homebody” by loving their home through DIY projects. Their projects focus mainly on decorations and small home furniture. In addition, they include fun tutorials for paintings and wall murals and even venture into party planning.

Centsational Girl

As her blog title suggests, Kate is another designer and renovator on the prowl for a good bargain. A reoccurring writer for Better Homes and Gardens, Kate offers tips from room arrangement, home improvement, fabric and craft projects, to outdoor deco. Her site also offers a shop page where you can find pieces she has in her own home.

Hi Sugerplum!

Yet another blogger based in Texas, Cassie has it all on her blog, which features home decor, fashion, personal style, and travel. Every so often, she even lets down her online personality to reveal more personal articles. Her home décor is less DIY and more makeover, but inspirational nonetheless.

Erin Spain

Erin’s DIY projects are very family-oriented, with lots of ideas for kid-related home décor and furnishing. Based in Atlanta and originally from the South, her aesthetic and designs all carry a hint of Southern charm. She doesn’t just stay put though and posts travel articles that provide a guide for a variety of places along the East Coast.

What’s Ur Home Story

Vidya runs the blog alongside her job as an IT consultant. Her useful articles go beyond home improvement and décor but also include practical advice from previous mistakes and experiences. She incorporates food and décor seamlessly and her colorful aesthetic combines Western and Eastern elements.

Bless’er House

As the name suggests, Lauren’s blog boasts the Southern aesthetic and aims to bring a little twang to interior decorating. Channeling the charm of farmhouse, colonial, and cottage-styled themes, the articles provide step-by-steps from home improvement, to furniture makeovers, to craft-related skills like hand lettering.

Not Just a Housewife

Stacy Risenmay wants you to know that a housewife is much more than just a wife in a house. Her blog offers feminine home ideas with an emphasis on woodwork, muted colors, and potted plants. For those who lean towards home gardening, this is the blog to go to for composting tips and planter ideas. Stacy even does little giveaways every so often.

Bodie and Fou

Minimalist Karine creates extremely clean and open spaces in muted, neutral colors and contrasting textures. Based in London and France, this sophisticated blog also features fashion and travel articles. The travel portion of the blog takes the readers to inspirational homes all across the world, with a focus in European countries.

Shanty 2 Chic

Duo and sisters, Whitney and Ashley, love to build and transform an old bargain into exquisite new pieces. Their blog features their DIY projects alongside reader’s projects. With a focus on rustic charm and farmhouse style, they offer free templates, video tutorials, and even tool recommendations.

Our Fifth House

Our Fifth House has recently been (humorously) updated to Our Sixth House, presumably as Carmel and her family have moved onto their 6th home. She started this colorful DIY blog soon after moving into her 5th home and covers home projects as well as décor, recipes, and organization tips.


Emily and her husband Pete strive to create a happy home through their home improvement projects, thus the name. Her blog features their home renovations (two so far) and craft and décor project ideas. Their aesthetic is playful and fun, with a lot of family-friendly decorations.

Crafty Little Gnome

Based on a farm in Washington, Adrienne is both a jewelry artist and an avid blogger. In addition to home décor, arts and crafts, and jewelry DIY projects, she also offers gardening, party hosting, and beauty tips. Don’t forget to look out for her jewelry giveaways, too.


Susan is not only a self-taught DIY-er but also a part-time teacher. Her home décor and furniture makeovers often employ repurposed or thrifted materials. She also creates artsy, hand-painted signs on pieces of wood. Her utilitarian and vintage pieces are available for purchase in her Etsy shop.

Sew Woodsy

Husband and wife duo, Katie and Jon, created their DIY blog to document their journey as home improvers. Their site offers ideas in woodworking, interior design, and painting and sewing. A lot of the projects revolve around a growing family, including all things nursery, birth announcements, and kid-friendly décor.

Décor Hacks

In a get-down-to-business DIY home blog, Heather Mann and Amy Anderson team up to offer a lot of functional advice and tips for a better home. Despite each having their own blogs, they come together to decorate, refurbish, and build. In addition to projects, they also offer organization tips and color palette ideas.


Real estate broker, author, and a woman of many interests, Aria’s blog features food, crafts, home projects and remodeling, fashion, interior design, and more! She’s able to seamlessly mesh her interests together and puts her real estate knowledge to good use in her own DIY projects.

A Design Story

Lindsay Milner creates feminine and coastal-inspired spaces with her interior design skills. Through her site, she tells the story of her past 3 homes as well as offer craft and painting projects. She apparently also teams up with established brands to offer fun giveaways.

The Design Confidential

Rayan Turner is a contributing editor to HGTV, so you know her DIY blog is legit. Her projects outline the exact measurements and provide detailed diagrams, so that any novice can recreate professional work. It’s not all business though – she also includes fun party ideas and recipes.

With Heart

Jennifer Stagg’s blog features DIY projects with a laid-black glam aesthetic, focusing on touches of brown leather and gold. Previously working as a TV anchor, she now puts her heart into making her home the best home possible. She offers inspirational pictures of her own home and also her design services in person or online.

The DIY Playbook

Casey, a TV producer by day, and Bridget, a high school teacher by day, join together to create this sports-themed DIY blog. They draw their inspiration from their many travels, which they also document. The best thing about their blog is that they include a whole section on blogging and related business tips for those of who want to DIY a DIY blog.

Cuckoo 4 Design

Julia has penchant for sophisticated and modern cuckoo clocks that are anything but wacky. Her wide range of experience – from having studied art in Germany to having worked in a furniture store – adds to her expertise featured in the blog. Her blog includes everything from art, to travel, to furniture makeovers.

Damask Love

Amber is not just a crafty creative but also holds a Ph.D. in child psychology. When she’s not helping children and teens, she’s thinking up of tropical and feminine design pieces to brighten any home. She also partners with Home Depot and Shutterfly, to name a few.

Almost Makes Perfect

With the name of her blog, Molly wants to stress that it’s okay to be imperfect, especially when it comes to DIY. Her projects and ideas make it look easy though, with their streamlined and clean aesthetic and natural accents. She also offers practical printables for anyone to use that will make perfect almost achievable.

Pretty Purple Door

Amy started her blog when she bought her first house and wanted to document her home renovations. Now the blog hosts many DIY articles, separated for your convenience into different categories: “New Home Owners,” “DIY Enthusiasts,” “Artists and Crafters,” and “Gardeners and Landscapes.” She also features the fun Penny Project, which showcases different floor designs made solely with pennies.

Today’s Homeowner

Who says home improvement can’t be entertaining as well as functional? Danny Lipford and his crew show you how you can improve your home through three different forms: a TV show now in it’s fourth season, a weekly radio show, and a professional website. All of these are accessible through his website, as well as practical tips divided by room and season.

The Stylish Nest

Aimee’s blog has been nominated for the 2017 JDR Industry Blogger Awards: Best Blogger for Interior Design. Her streamlined blog hosts regular giveaways, along with holiday décor ideas and gardening guidelines. She also features home-appropriate technology and has a whole page for book reviews, just in case you need to take a break from all that work.

DIY Diva

Kit’s whimsical blog features her adventures on Black Feather Farm as a farmer, a licensed builder, and a DIY enthusiast. She explains her projects with dry humor and tasteful profanity, and she loves her power tools. She renovated her farm by herself and records her journey as a guide for others. Her blog also contains a few quirky décor projects as well.

The Inspired Room

Melissa Michaels is a Better Homes & Garden recognized interior designer and organization maven. Her blog has now been up and running for a decade and feature other designers as well as her own inspirational work. She also has quite a few books published including The Inspired Room Coloring Book.


Jeni’s bright and colorful blog keeps track of trends in home décor and fashion. Her DIY ideas include home décor, jewelry, clothing, and food creations. Her blog is great for finding your next project, as she has inspirational boards showing the variety of ways to approach any one project.

Tatertots & Jello

Jen Hadfield’s blog covers everything home. Her DIY projects focus mainly on décor projects and crafts, including cute and kid-friendly craft printables. She also offers recipes and organization tips.

My Blessed Life

Based in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Myra loves to bring nature into the home. She also has a B.A. in Interior Design and uses her DIY blog to focus mainly on seasonal décor, party ideas, and furniture improvement. She also shares intimate stories of her and her family’s lives.

The Idea Room

Amy Huntley definitely knows a thing or two about running a home, considering her family consists of 7 members. Her blog offers ideas for a practical and decorative home, sewing, and food. She also offers tips on photography, organization, and of course parenting.

Southern Hospitality

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Rhoda has now a decade of DIY blogging under her belt. Her thrifty aesthetic takes her to various markets and yard sales, where she finds unique treasures for fixing up. Her project outlines also provide good perspective for understanding what constitutes as quality furniture, for those who prefer to buy rather than DIY.

Little Green Notebook

As indicated in the name, this blog and its artistic home improvement ideas are color-centric. In fact, there are even inspiration boards categorized by color. Jenny Komenda, the creative behind the blog, provides great ideas for DIY tie-died patterns and home accessories.


Bruno Bornsztein is the founder of this site, but now has a whole team working for him. This DIY blog focuses on the outdoors, from backyard projects to using plants and vegetation as indoor decoration. They also offer guides to artisan crafts, like dyeing glass, and hand-lettering printables.

Life Over Easy

Sisters Nads and Dani come together for this fun-loving DIY home improvement blog that also features recipes, crafts, jewelry, and fashion DIYs. Their blog also includes local events and home product reviews.

The Brave Life

Liz runs her eclectic website from Anchorage, Alaska. She focuses on a healthy and nature-oriented lifestyle, with DIY projects and recipes like a natural, homemade diaper wipe spray. Her design and décor ideas are easy and low commitment, especially useful for those living in apartments or in borrowed spaces, like an office.

Domestic Imperfection

Though her blog offers great ideas from self-made creations to simple decorating idea, Ashley urges you not to take things too seriously and to remember to have fun. She knows, running her large family of 6, that imperfection can also be ideal. Her projects outline great insider tips that are especially helpful for DIY novices.

Pet Scribbles

Laura combines her love for her cats along with DIY ideas and tutorials for home, garden, and crafts. Her crafts are categorized by season and holiday, focusing mostly on decoration and gifts. There are also many useful articles on landscaping and the breakdown of different types of plants.

Manitoba Gardens

Deb’s blog is devoted to all things garden. She posts pictures of local, inspirational gardens and features readers’ personal backyard and gardens as well. She takes a personal spin to home and garden DIY by posting a lot of spiritual quotes and motivation.

House of Hepworths

Based in Colorado, Allison Hepworth welcomes you into the story of her family and her home. As she works on and blogs about her home renovations, she offers great advice on DIY projects and home makeover ideas for those with older homes. Her blog is also very family-oriented and offers sewing and crafting ideas for all generations. She also includes Ikea hacks, and lifestyle and blogging tips.

Desert Domicile

Caitlin McBride takes you into her Tucson, Arizona oasis of a home. She works as a graphic designer by day and as a professional home stylist on the side, with her services available for hire online. Her clean and modern aesthetic fuels her DIY projects, which are mostly home décor related.

Better Decorating Bible

Suzy’s feminine and glamorous touch is evident throughout her blog. Her blog stands out from the others because it is more educational and caters to the individual reader and not her own personal preferences. The blog provides information to help you make home improvement decisions based on your lifestyle. She also includes home hacks, like cleaning and maintenance advice, and even offers tours inside celebrity homes.

Unexpected Elegance

Angela is mindful of budget in her blog dedicated to reclaiming the old and making it elegant. Her blog is as practical as it is fun, offering tips on integrating home security into the décor and DIY projects separated into furniture, wall décor, and craft categories.

Newly Woodwards

Kim Woodward calls her own home an “unconventional home,” which she takes to mean personal and intimate. She has 5 whole home renovations under her work belt and even has experience building from the ground up. Aside from DIY renovation projects, she offers décor ideas for parties and holidays.

A Thoughtful Place

Courtney’s blog is not so much DIY as it is a life and style blog. She is fashion-minded and styles herself and her home with a distinct SoCal aesthetic. She also posts home décor and entertaining ideas along with her travel stories.

East Coast Creative

Monica is all about bringing out the elegance and charm of a home in her DIY-devoted blog. Her projects are mainly devoted to room makeovers, but also include wall art and various other décor hacks. She also hosts a TV series called The Weekender, which she posts on her blog.

Amy Matthews

Amy believes in a balance between materials, textures, and colors. She brings rustic into modern times and has made many television appearances. Her blog mostly documents her public appearances and her partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Two Twenty One

Chelsea takes you on a journey through her creative life in this blog. Her bright and joyful home décor ideas, organization tips, all things baby, and gardening advice makes this a well-rounded blog. She also shares her personal life stories and travels.

Unskinny Boppy

Beth Bryan’s blog contains home decorating and interior design ideas that are sleek and modern, with emphasis on metal and wood accents. She also offers photography tips, recipes, and a whole section on essential oils benefits and project ideas.

Perfectly Imperfect

Shaunna knows that not all homes can be magazine quality but she welcomes you on a DIY journey through her blog, if only to push yourself towards perfecting the imperfect. Her blog offers craft ideas, and furniture and room makeovers. She also runs a small shop selling remodeled pieces in her hometown of Troy, Alabama. She and her husband also have a HGTV show called Sweet House Alabama.

The House that Lars Built

Brittany Jepsen, with a Masters in Interior Design and experience creating products for big names like Tiffany and Co., vows to live an artful life. Her successful site now has a full team of workers with internships available every summer. Her colorful style concentrates on all things floral and extends all areas of life: home, fashion, and food.

DIY Showoff

Roeshel hosts a DIY blog that brings a little competition to the DIY community with a continuing “That DIY Party” post, which features other people’s DIY projects. In addition, she posts her own projects for home improvement and décor, as well as crafts for decorating and gifting. Her blog also features her journey in renovating an almost century-old farmhouse.

DIY Doctor

The doctor is in the house and ready to help you solve all your home improvement problems. Run by a group of tradesmen, this down-to-business blog offers the science behind certain home renovation and improvement needs. They provide the diagnosis and treatment for all your home problems and also a comprehensive guide on tools.

Pink Little Notebook

Sabrina Scrivo loves her shades of pink, which appear throughout her home makeovers. Her blog contains DIY décor and furniture projects, interior design ideas, and refurnishing tips. They are easily accessible and projects are categorized by room.

Home My Heaven

This streamlined blog, run by an anonymous team, is geared towards those in the UK with a desire for all things DIY, but can also be useful for those outside Anglophiles as well. The blog covers renovation and interior design projects, as well as practical tips on property investment and management, lowering bills, and living green.

Hammer & Hand

Established more than 2 decades ago by Sam Hagerman and Daniel Thomas, the company started by remodeling historic homes and is now available for all types of building work. Their website is a goldmine of information for DIY-ers, as they provide documentation of their experienced and professional projects through their “Field Notes Blog” page.

Bob Villa

If you were stuck with only one website for all your DIY needs, Bob Villa’s site would be the one you want. Him and his team offer comprehensive DIY projects categorized by action: build, paint, maintain, clean, install, design, and grow. The site also offers uncountable inspirational posts, tips and hacks for all things home, and even a Bob Villa Academy where you can hone your DIY skills through video e-courses with a handful of different professionals.

Life the Green Way

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Elena White is on a mission to implement green living into everyday living. Her blog offers educational articles on environmental issues and how-to articles on practical ways of green living, like earth-friendly holiday parties or home cleaning products. She also covers local events and product reviews.

The Gold Jellybean

Shaleah’s website mainly focuses on crafts. Her sea-inspired decorations feature bright and pastel colors. She also has a penchant for succulents and flowers. Her children are her co-creators, and she offers online room design services with an extensive portfolio.

My Old Country House

Based in Virginia, Lesli DeVito is first and foremost an artist. Self-taught painter and interior decorator, she offers great DIY projects that are functional and colorful. She likes to mix and match colors, and her dogs make frequent appearances on her blog. Her paintings are available for order online.

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