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Have You Heard Of Earthships Yet? They Truly Can Be The Affordable Homes Of The Future!

By tim / March 4, 2017

Building and living in an Earthship is my long term plan! I heard about them a few year ago and since then I'm obsessed. They have it all: cool design, they're eco-friendly, off grid and self sustainable. And a lot of room for DIY skills! Have you heard about them yet?

Don’t you think it’s such a shame that we neglect nature – its power and beauty? The world would be a better place if we learn to appreciate nature instead of destroying her. We are turned to technology, and more than ever, we need to take a break and simply connect with nature. However, there is something great about this era we live in, and that is a plenty of opportunities to live our lives to the fullest. Almost everything is available to us, and yet, we don’t see that opportunity, at least the vast majority of us. But, these people did see it, and they created something to show their appreciation for nature. They created Earthships – unique and breathtaking homes that are also environmentally friendly. So, what better way to show that you do care about your environment and to enjoy every part of your home. Check out the video, and you’ll fall in love with Earthships.

However, Zillow channel doesn’t offer only that. This channel actually has many other videos of memorable and authentic homes that do no harm to nature. We just want to warn you that seeing these videos means that you’ll widen your horizons and you’ll never again think the same about your home.

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